Venue Finding


Where you host your event, the venue is always spoken about as much as the event itself. With over 21 years of experience allows us to confidently give you the best solution.Then once you have chosen, we can then take you through all of your additional services, making it a very special occasion. 


Successfully pulling together your plans and aspirations for conferences that create an impact is not an easy process, and is hugely time consuming.

With a combination of careful consideration of  the core messaging and engaging your audience pre-conference we can help you to build energy and interest  and create commitment.  Add to this a compelling itinerary and motivational speakers and you have a conference that will create impact.

The skilled and experienced team at Draper Management will help you create an event that will exceed all expectations with:

  • Striking identity and concept design
  • Pre-conference build up  - messaging/invitations
  • Icebreakers & breakout games and activities
  • Motivational after dinner/post conference speakers
  • Technical support (audio visual/interactive)
  • Logistics

Awards Dinners  

We offer a full range of services and with our meticulous attention to detail we will ensure that your awards dinner will be an exceptional event that your guests will remember:

  • Venue finding service
  • Event theming
  • Audio visual equipment and support
  • Photography
  • Entertainers