Incentive or Reward Event 

Organising an incentive event that will help you engage and inspire, promote a positive culture, maximise productivity and retain high achievers is no easy task.

What type of incentive event will appeal? What is the best location to host a “wow” activity? What about the logistics of it all?

Draper Management will take care of it all for you, from creating the initial incentive theme, to putting forward exactly the right venue to activity schedules and logistics.

Team Building Events

There are a  huge selection of events to help you increase cohesion, confidence and communication skillswithin your team – so how do you select the right event to achieve this?

Finding just the right activity to enhance your team’s skills and get them working together in a fun and friendly environment, is all part of our job at Draper Management. We can offer a range of activities and locations to make sure you find something that suits all ages and fitness levels to ensure everyone benefits from and enjoys the event.